Low cost, high efficiency!

02-03-2021 |   Hits:2526

Almost every laboratory has idle equipment & mdash; these old material mechanics testing systems or universal testing machines are stacked in the corner, and no one wants to use them because of poor performance, slow response, too heavy and so on. Is there any way to rejuvenate these old equipment and share some of the test tasks of the laboratory more or less?

Cost effective expansion of testing capabilities

Now, consider using the BV renew upgrade service to achieve this. The renew upgrade service of BV SCIENTIFIC is compatible with various types of electronic universal material testing machine or electro-hydraulic servo material testing machine, including BV and many third-party brands. With less investment, the controller of the existing material mechanics test system can be completely replaced, the existing test loading framework, accessories and other hardware products can be restored to life, the laboratory can enjoy the latest and most advanced test control and software technology, maximize the protection of the laboratory's asset investment, and obtain the best test production efficiency.

Rapid integration of material test accessories

BV renew upgrade will retain all physical interfaces of existing material testing machines and be compatible with material testing accessories of existing systems. The new controller can also be compatible with all BV test accessories, or integrate third-party accessories, components and test subsystems. BV is also willing to design and customize new fixtures to meet the continuous development of material mechanics testing requirements.

Improve production efficiency and extend continuous working hours

Don't let the test equipment slow down the whole test progress. BV renew upgrade service can improve the production efficiency of the existing material test system in the best cost-effective way, and also can effectively extend the continuous working time of the test system.

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