Increase The Production Of PPE And Medical Consumables

02-04-2021 |   Hits:6368

In order to improve the output of medical supplies and other consumables, fast and accurate off-line testing of non-woven materials is very important. The faster the manufacturer verifies the tensile strength and other properties of these finished products, the faster the finished products will go on the market.

At a time when the demand for medical supplies is increasing rapidly, the supplies must be transported to the hospital as soon as possible. BV helps speed up testing by providing a highly accurate and reliable static testing system to verify production quality. These systems can address the challenges of testing materials and finished products, such as personal protective equipment (PPE) and disposable medical supplies.

BV SCIENTIFIC Universal testing machine provides low load capacity, is the ideal choice for offline product testing. They require very little infrastructure and small footprint to reliably implement repetitive QA / QC testing. Fully meet the needs of accelerating production.

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