Basic Knowledge And Mechanical Property Test Of Wood Based Panel

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Basic knowledge and mechanical property test of wood based panel

With the rapid development of architectural decoration and furniture industry, the demand for wood in China is increasing rapidly, and the gap of wood supply is becoming more and more prominent. As a common raw material for furniture manufacturing, wood-based panel is often superior to natural materials in performance and stability. Using wood-based panel to make furniture not only has certain wood color and texture of natural materials, but also can save 40 ~ 90% wood. In addition, wood-based panel can also reduce the operation time of planing, planing, stitching, painting and other processes in furniture production. Therefore, wood-based panel is widely used in furniture manufacturing and interior decoration.

1、 What is wood based panel

Wood based panels are made of wood or other non wood plants, which are separated into various unit materials by certain mechanical processing, and then glued with or without adhesives and other additives. It mainly includes plywood, particleboard and fibreboard. There are more than 100 kinds of extended products and deep-processing products.


2、 Classification and application of wood based panels

There are many kinds of wood-based panels, and the performance of products varies greatly due to different application places and manufacturing processes. At present, plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, blockboard and hollow board are the common artificial boards in the market.

1. Plywood



Plywood is made of three or more layers of odd number of veneers, each of which is about 11mm thick. The direction of wood fiber between plywood layers is perpendicular to each other. Plywood is large and flat, accurate in size and uniform in thickness. It is suitable to be used as door, roof, floor and other large-area board parts of furniture.

2. Particleboard


Particleboard is made of the edge and corner materials in the process of wood processing, which are cut into pieces and then hot pressed with glue. Particleboard is commonly used in tabletop, bed board and all kinds of panel cabinet furniture.

3. Fiberboard


Fiberboard is a kind of wood-based board made of leftover materials in the process of wood processing through crushing, pulping, molding, drying and hot pressing. Fiberboard is divided into hard, semi hard, soft three, with uniform structure, hard texture, large format and other characteristics.

4. Blockboard


Joinery board refers to the wood-based board with plywood as the cladding and closely filled with fine wood strips in the middle.

5. Hollow core board



Hollow core board refers to a kind of wood-based board which is made of plywood, flat panel and some light materials. There are many kinds of hollow board, such as square hollow board, wood hollow board, paper honeycomb board, foam plastic hollow board, etc.

3、 Testing of mechanical properties of wood based panels

As a kind of composite materials in materials science, wood-based panels can be divided into functional materials and structural materials according to their performance. The performance of functional materials mainly includes decoration, flame retardancy, insect resistance, corrosion resistance, light, electricity, magnetism, heat and sound, while the performance of structural materials mainly includes mechanical properties and aging resistance.


As an important raw material of furniture products and interior decoration closely related to daily family life, in addition to the formaldehyde emission problem, the mechanical properties of wood-based panels are also one of the most direct and important factors to reflect the quality of products and home decoration. Therefore, the relevant testing process is indispensable for both manufacturers and relevant quality inspection units Less.



Special bending tester for curtain wall panel

According to GB / T 31246 "test methods for mechanical properties of structural wood-based panels" and ISO 16272 "test methods for structural properties of wood-based panels", the mechanical properties test items of structural wood-based panels mainly include bending properties, tensile properties, compressive properties, in-plane and out of plane shear properties, etc. As a professional and reliable material mechanics testing equipment supplier, the microcomputer controlled wood tensile testing machine developed and produced by Wanshi can be used to measure the tensile strength, bending strength, compressive strength, elastic modulus, elongation at break, yield strength and other parameters of wood, wood-based panel, braided net fence and other products, which is greatly convenient and effective for the mechanical testing of wood-based panel .

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