Electro Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Systems

The testing systems can realize the tests of constant rate loading, constant rate deformation and constant rate displacement, and realize the three-stage control of force, deformation and displacement in one test, and the smooth conversion between the controls can be realized. Double / single space, lower / upper piston structure can be selected. It is mainly used for the tensile, compression, bending and shear tests of metal materials; it can realize the compression, bending and shear tests of samples; the software can automatically calculate the parameters such as Reh (upper yield strength), rel (lower yield strength), Rp0.2 (specified non proportional extension strength), Rt0.5 (specified total extension strength), RM (tensile strength), e (elastic modulus), etc.


● Tension

● Compression

● Flex/Bend

● Shear

  • Cost Efficient

    Single/dual load sensor, single/dual test zone

  • Easy, Intuitive Use

    Intelligent control, simple operation, easy to use

  • Accurate

    500~7000 Hz data acquisition rate provides more meaningful analysis(The controller is made in Germany)

  • Durable

    Heavy duty components support longer system life


    Specification /Type


   Accuracy Class


  Measuring Range


Number of Columns


4 / 6 column (full rigid frame structure)

    Resolving Power


500000 code, only one resolution in full range, no shift, no range switching conflict


Relative error of test force indication

±1% (±0.5%)

  Position accuracy



Relative error of displacement indication

±1% (±0.5%)


Relative error of deformation indication

±1% (±0.5%)

Loading rate range


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