Pressure Testing Machine

The micro-computer-controlled electro-hydraulic servo pressure test system has the servo control function of force closed-loop, which can realize equal load loading; the test force is not divided into grades in the whole process, and has one resolution in the whole process; the resolution of the test force is better than 10N, the relative error of the test force indication is within ± 1%, and the range of the test range is 2% - 100% FS; it is suitable for the test place that needs to work continuously for a long time; it can maintain the load for a long time It can set complex compression test program, and can meet the compression test requirements of other standards. The software has built-in network interface, and the test data can be transmitted to the network through this standard interface, through which the data can be exchanged and transmitted with the test software.


● Compression

● Anti bending

● Other (with corresponding fixtures)

  • Performance

    Low vibration, low noise, automatic fast return

  • Simple and Easy

    Intelligent control, simple operation, easy to use

  • Accurate

    500 ~ 7000 Hz data acquisition rate (imported controller)

  • Durable

    Strong, good impact resistance, longer service life




    Specification /Type


     Accuracy Class

 1 Class

  Measuring Range


    Resolving Power

500000 code, only one resolution in full range, no shift, no range switching conflict

   Loading rate range


Relative error of test force indication 


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