Melt Flow Rate Test System (Melt Index Meter)

Melt flow rate test system (also known as melt index instrument) is a special instrument for measuring the melt flow rate of thermoplastic under certain conditions. The melt flow rate (melt index) of thermoplastics refers to the mass or melt volume of the melt passing through the capillary tube of standard die every 10 minutes under a certain temperature and load. It is expressed by MFR (MI) or MVR value. It can distinguish the viscous flow characteristics of thermoplastics in the molten state. It is of great significance to the quality assurance of thermoplastic and chemical fiber raw materials and products. This machine has high control temperature precision, nitriding treatment of key parts, high strength and hardness, small deformation, which provides good conditions for accurate measurement of flow rate.





  • Efficiency

    Microcomputer control, micro printer printing

  • Simple and Easy

    Automatic cutting, simple operation, easy to use

  • Accurate

    Non contact high precision lever optocoupler displacement measurement

  • Durable

    High temperature resistant and low expansion coefficient alloy materials

Technical specifications - Common

Temperature control range


Temperature control fluctuation

Within ± 0.5 ℃

Temperature control 4H drift


Within ± 0.5 ℃

Temperature control resolution


Recovery time of barrel temperature after charging


Clock range


Clock resolution


Automatic cutting device

Set interval time (2 ~ 2000S can be adjusted), automatic cutting

Inching cutting device

Manual button electric cutting

Manual cutting device

Manually turn the handle to cut

Weight load accuracy


Weight load range

325-21600g discontinuous, the combined load can meet the standard requirements.

Measurement range


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