Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine

A variety of models (single column type, table type, door type) are available, with a test capacity range of 50N ~ 1000KN. The test system with high cost performance meets the needs of QA / QC test in the production environment, and ensures the accuracy and reliability of data in the whole test process. These systems are proven and easy to use, providing a wide range of tests. The new material testing machine, which combines electronic technology with mechanical transmission, has a wide and accurate loading speed and force measuring range, high precision and sensitivity for the measurement and control of load, deformation and displacement. It can also carry out the automatic control test of constant speed loading, constant speed deformation and constant speed displacement, and has the functions of low cycle load cycle, deformation cycle and displacement cycle, which can increase the productivity Equipped with environmental device for environmental test.


● Tension

● Compression

● Flex/Bend/p>

● Shear

  • Cost Efficient

    Single/dual load sensor, single/dual test zone

  • Easy, Intuitive Use

    Intelligent control, simple operation, easy to use

  • Accurate

    500~7000 Hz data acquisition rate provides more meaningful analysis(The controller is made in Germany)

  • Durable

    Heavy duty components support longer system life

Technical specifications - Common

Rated maximum force at max test speed




Rated maximum test speed at maximum force



Speed accuracy

Set speed < 0.01 mm/min:

speed accuracy is within ± 1.0% of set speed

Set speed ≥ 0.01 mm/min:

              speed accuracy is within ± 0.5% of set speed


Position accuracy


Within ± 0.5%


Strain accuracy(depending on extensometer)


± 0.5% of applied strain



Security protection


               Over-force, travel limits, over-voltage and others


Over force protection



Data acquisition rate


                        Up to 2500 Hz


Control loop rate


                        Up to 7000 Hz


Environmental requirements (For indoor use only)

Operating temperature


Operating humidity

Storage temperature

Maximum storage humidity

Maximum attitude

           5°C to 40°C 

          41 to 104°F


      5% - 85% non-condensing

     -18 to 49°C


     0 to 120°F




Motor & drive system


AC Servo Motor






Position measurement




User Digital Inputs/Outputs (DIO)


                   4 user Digital Inputs and 4 user Digital Outputs


Encoder capacity


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