Service support
  • As we all know, the normal operation of the material testing machine in addition to routine maintenance, but also need to have professional personnel for regular and timely maintenance and maintenance of the material testing machine. Some parts have a certain service life, timely inspection and maintenance can prevent the trouble, reduce the downtime and damage caused by equipment failure, so as to ensure the continuous use of material testing machine. The accumulation of potential faults and parts wear often results in sudden or major machine accidents due to daily negligence.

  • Material testing machine is the key equipment to test the mechanical properties of materials. According to the requirements of national and international standards, the material testing machine needs to be calibrated regularly, such as load, strain, displacement and speed. In addition, the material testing machine also needs to be calibrated after maintenance and handling.

After strict training of professionals, to provide you with meticulous and thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales service:
Equipment Selection
According to the materials you need to test and the standards you need to implement, we provide free consulting services and equipment selection services, including the selection of host, fixture, and non-standard customized projects;
Sample Testing
Sometimes, the samples of customers are uncertain, we can provide free sample testing service for customers, and determine the best configuration scheme of testing machine according to the test results;
Installation & Commissioning
After the arrival of the testing machine, we will have professional after-sales service engineers on site to provide installation and debugging services, as well as debugging services after the relocation and relocation of the customer's laboratory;
Relocation &Transfer
Customers can choose to complete the relocation and relocation work by themselves, or choose our guidance service. Remote guidance is free;
Measurement &Calibration
Measurement and calibration usually need a third party organization, we can provide a variety of assistance to complete;
Technical Support
Test method development, equipment application, software operation, etc
Transformation &Upgrading
Some customers' old equipment can be entrusted to us for transformation and upgrading, so that this kind of testing machine can work again;
The R &D process may require some creative design to complete the envisaged testing work. Our experienced engineers can produce the ideal testing machine according to your ideas;
Preventive Maintenance
Routine preventive maintenance, emergency troubleshooting and repair;
Professional Training
Our after-sales service engineers can provide training for new employees, some of which are free of charge;
Within the scope of our services, we can also enjoy many aspects of support and concessions, including the purchase of parts, software upgrades, additional training,We can also provide OEM &ODM services, looking forward to your further contact and inquiry! Thank you for your support and cooperation!
For more information, please contact Bi Veritas sales engineer